About Mario Eduardo Silva - Frontend Developer

Hi, I'm Mario Eduardo Silva, a professional front-end engineer originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Results-oriented dedicated to creating and optimizing interactive, user-friendly, feature-rich and Agile enthusiast websites.

Focused on creating innovative solutions in collaboration with different sectors in order to bring a visible result.

A big believer in data-driven decision making.

Expertise in E-commerce, focusing on performance, UI and UX with advanced insights into any aspect of the business.

I have several hobbies, some of them are watching and keeping up with the latest technology. Always try to take care of your body and mind.

The balance of both is the key to success.

Practicing Stoicism with the Wim Hof ​​method is one of the things I recommend trying in your life.

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.”―Marcus Aurelius

Vue.js | React | JS | CSS | HTML | PHP | Google Tag Manager | Google Data Studio | much more..

Languages and Tools:

Visual Studio Code HTML5 CSS3 Sass Vue Git Git JavaScript Node.js MySQL PHP Git GitHub Google Analytics Google Tag Manager

Connect with me:

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Mario Silva | Github

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